Dalchini Morrie Gola

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Bokhara rugs have fine traditional geometric patterns on solid background colours, generally in jewel tones. They tend to have velvety, plush piles and are very pliant (almost blanket-like) in texture. They are part of a very long tradition and heritage in various parts of Pakistan such as Multan, Kashmir, Hyderabad, Lahore and surrounding areas of the northeast region.

Gola Bokhara Rug Features

   ~3' 0" x 5' 1"

   ~Over 200 knots per square inch

   ~5-8 jewel-toned colours

   ~100% hand-spun wool on a cotton warp and weft

   ~Knotted with a Senna knot

More About Bunyaad

Bunyaad works to create strong foundations in the villages of Pakistan by paying a fair wage to its artisan families. Bunyaad means "foundation" in Urdu.

Hand-knotted rugs by Bunyaad reflect a global economy that is sustainable and fair to everyone involved. Bunyaad provides well made, quality hand-knotted rugs for customers and a fair, livable income for Pakistani artisans. Quite simply, when artisans are paid a living wage, they can focus on producing quality.

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