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The Persian rug is the quintessential hand-knotted rug, famed for its intricacy, knot-density and symbolism. Bunyaad's Persian rugs are all hand-knotted using a very fine wool from the dhumba sheep dyed with commercially-produced dyes.

Persian rugs are known for their detailed floral designs, sometimes with a pronounced center medallion and sometimes with a repeating all over pattern. Because they are so intricate they tend to have a higher knot count. It's a bit like digital photography: if you have a very detailed image, you need more dots per square inch to show the detail. So, with a very intricate pattern on a rug, you need a lot of knots per square inch to show the design.

The name "Persian" sometimes confuses people as our rugs are made in Pakistan, not Iran over which ancient Persia was centered. The reason for this is that when the Moghul empire moved through the Asian subcontinent, people moved from Persia throughout the region taking their designs and traditions with them. The descendants of those artisans passed on their family's rug knotting tradition to these artisans in Pakistan today.

Persian Rug Features

   ~2' 7" x 4' 1"

   ~Over 500 knots per square inch

   ~15-25 colours with intricate and floral designs

   ~100% hand-spun wool on a cotton warp and weft

   ~Knotted with a Senna knot

More About Bunyaad

Bunyaad works to create strong foundations in the villages of Pakistan by paying a fair wage to its artisan families. Bunyaad means "foundation" in Urdu.

Hand-knotted rugs by Bunyaad reflect a global economy that is sustainable and fair to everyone involved. Bunyaad provides well made, quality hand-knotted rugs for customers and a fair, livable income for Pakistani artisans. Quite simply, when artisans are paid a living wage, they can focus on producing quality.

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