Standing Spruce Love Ritual Candle

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Spell candle - love ritual| 6oz*comes with guide card*charged according to moon cycles

hand made and root worked blessed with moon and stormwater plants harvested ethically in accordance with our beliefs something beautiful and full of love, these heavily spelled pagan candles are fragranced with the essential oils of love and attainment. Charged under the storm and moon, use these candles for whatever your heart desires.

Manifest possibilities include bringing passion back into your life, attracting love and new relationships, strengthening existing or strained ones. Permeated with floral notes of geranium, roses, lavender, warm cedar wood, coriander, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and the herbaceous fennel and dill. Candles contain:*clear and rose quartz for heightening power, speed, emotional healing and trust.

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