Seed Collecting Kit

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This seed-collecting kit is designed to share the love of collecting, saving, and sharing your favorite seeds. Collect and preserve your heirloom seed pods, seed heads, capsules, or found wildflower specimens with the pocket-sized tin, then use the contents to prepare, encapsulate, and store your seeds. Instructions included. Each kit is meticulously assembled by hand.

Specimen Collecting Kit features

   ~Includes collecting tin, 10 assorted glass storing bottles + corks, stainless tweezers, specimen labels, and an instruction booklet

   ~Each included element is intended for repeated use, from the pocket-size tin and the glass display bottles to the stainless pins and tweezers

   ~5.5” x 3.75” x 1” pocket-sized tin

   ~The reusable tin is great for keeping in your pocket for your spur-of-the-moment nature finds

   ~Repurpose before Recycling : organize your finds, keep hard-to-find treasures, or items for travel

   ~Assembled by hand by June & December in their Michigan Studio.

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