Country Chic Beeswax Distressing Bar

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If you love the distressed look on furniture, then you’ll want to try our 100% natural Beeswax Distressing Bar. The bars are a generous 50g / 1.75 oz. size, so they are big enough for multiple projects.

With the Beeswax Distressing Bar, you don’t need to use as much elbow grease to sand the paint away. Instead, you use the bar to apply wax to the sections you want to look distressed as a resist medium in those areas. Once the paint has dried on your project, you just gently rub over the wax and you’re left with that wonderful vintage look.

Beeswax Distressing Bar Product Features:

   ~Allows you to distress your furniture hassle-free.

   ~Made with 100% Canadian beeswax.

   ~Delicious natural smell.

   ~Eco-friendly and natural.

   ~No chemical additives.

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