Baba Tree Dip Dyed Nyariga Basket (Small)

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The Baba Tree is a supplier of fairly traded, artisan made baskets from Bolgatanga. Baba Tree honours and celebrates the art and culture of local Ghanaian basketry, and ensures their artisans are paid a living wage.

The Nyariga is a fabulous and hardworking double weave shopping basket.

The Dip Dyed Nyariga is loud and proud, hence their popularity. Producing these baskets is very labour intensive and, up to 20% of the baskets size is lost in the dyeing process. But it’s all worth it because once these beauties are finished you just want to pick one up and strut your stuff.

Come and get em’ because these baskets want you!

WIDTH: 14" - 15"

HEIGHT: 12.5" - 14.5"

Height is measured to the top of the wing and doesn’t include handle. Length is measured from wing to wing.

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