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We absolutely love beeswax for its amazing benefits! Not only do beeswax candles clean the air by emitting negative ions when they burn, making them the cleanest wax you can light up, but by choosing beeswax, you're also giving a high-five to bee farmers. These incredible folks work tirelessly to keep our bee friends buzzing and reproducing. Plus, let's not forget that natural, sweet scent of honey and wildflowers beeswax brings into our homes. It's just delightful!

Beeswax Dipped Candle Features

   ~ Made from 100% Beeswax from the USA

   ~ Cotton wick

   ~ Mica minerals

   ~ 10” Dipped Beeswax Candles.

   ~ Each candle is handcrafted and dipped over 25 times.

   ~ Sold in pairs.

   ~ Handcrafted in Pacific Grove, California


Burn Instructions

Candles have memory, so every burn matters! To ensure a clean long burning experience, follow these burn instructions:

   ~ Trim the wick to ¼” length before lighting

   ~ Keep candles away from wind and drafts

   ~ Use a snuffer to put out flame to avoid drips

   ~ To secure candle to a holder, hold the candle base to a flame and let a few drops of beeswax fall into the holder, then hold the candle firmly in the holder upright until wax dries. 

   ~ Fire Safety - Always burn within sight, keep away from pets, children and combustibles.

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