Lit Soy Candle, Bonfire

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True to its name. Bonfire has a rich smokiness that is softly rounded out by its complimentary scent notes. An all time favourite.

Handcrafted in Victoria, BC

Lit Soy Candles are made using natural soy wax, wood wicks that crackle, and high quality fragrance oils that are vegan, not tested on animals and free of phthalates.

Lit Soy Candles Features

   ~50+ hours of burn time

   ~Damask Plum / Cassia Bark / Smoke / Vanilla

   ~Scented with high quality fragrance oils and essential oils 

   ~Soy wax and crackling wood wick 

   ~Phthalate free & Vegan, not tested on animals

   ~Hand poured in Victoria, BC

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