Khan Mamdi Super Runner

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Khan Mamdi rugs have their roots in the regional nomadic tribal culture. Historically, they would have been knotted with naturally dyed hand spun yarn, but today they are almost entirely knotted from commercially-produced dye and machine-spun wool. Reflecting their historical traditions, Khan Mamdi rugs are constructed on horizontal looms with 100% wool on a wool warp and weft.

Khan Mamdi rugs stand out for their bold geometric and stylistically floral designs in rusts, reds, blues and greens.

Khan Mamdi Rug Features

   ~1’ 8" x 6’ 4"

   ~Over 100 knots per square inch

   ~4-7 colours per rug

   ~100% hand-spun wool on a wool warp and weft

   ~Made with Senna knots

More About Bunyaad

Bunyaad works to create strong foundations in the villages of Pakistan by paying a fair wage to its artisan families. Bunyaad means "foundation" in Urdu.

Hand-knotted rugs by Bunyaad reflect a global economy that is sustainable and fair to everyone involved. Bunyaad provides well made, quality hand-knotted rugs for customers and a fair, livable income for Pakistani artisans. Quite simply, when artisans are paid a living wage, they can focus on producing quality.

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