Petits mots, Holiday card, Moose

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The moose's antlers are adorned with a colorful array of ornaments, each one intricately detailed and reflecting the holiday cheer. This whimsical and heartwarming design immediately sets a joyful and festive tone for the season.

Handcrafted by Petits Mots in the heart of Montreal

“We take our ideas from the small details that surround us in our lives. Seashells on the beach, a delicate and intricate salmon fly, a watering can full of flowers. Captured as a freehand drawing or a simple thumbnail sketch, we have chosen images that evoke special memories and remind us of our favorite things.”

Petits Mots Stationery Features

   ~Each design is hand drawn

   ~Printed on recycled paper

   ~Comes with matching envelope

   ~Created in Canada

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