Country Chic Gold Wax 4oz

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Soft, golden, shimmery perfection! Gold Wax will give a subtle luster to your projects, highlighting all the little details with a golden glow. We especially love this wax on our red paints like Devotion and Cranberry Sauce, but Gold Wax transforms any color while adding a light layer of protection.

How to Use

Paint your piece and make sure you let the paint fully dry (overnight is best) before you begin the waxing process. To apply the wax, push the bristles of your wax brush or lint-free rag into the wax tin and swirl it around. Make sure to apply a thin coat of wax as a thick coat will take more effort to buff and longer to cure. Once the wax is applied, use a dry, lint-free cloth to buff your surface until it no longer feels tacky. If it feels sticky to the touch, keep buffing. Reapply every 6-12 months. Check out this tutorial for more information on how to use Black Wax!

Wax Product by Country Chic Features

   ~Adds a subtle gold shimmer to your furniture and home decor.

   ~Adds a light layer of protection to your furniture.

   ~100% natural and eco-friendly. 

   ~Contains beeswax and natural tree nut oils making it safe for the environment and your health. 

   ~Safely be used on children’s toys and furniture.

   ~Low odor - all you smell is yummy beeswax!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gold Wax contains tree nut oil and may not be suitable for use by people with severe nut allergies. 

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