Decoupage Paper - Botanical Drawings

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Botanical Drawings is a simple, elegant and charming Annie Sloan with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Decoupage Paper showing thistles, pears, strawberries, lemons, and more. The images have been selected from Botanical Drawings by Crispijn de Passe the Younger (c.1589/93-c.1670). From “Hortus floridus”. Arnheim: 1614. 

To create your own Decoupage Screen, follow this step-by-step project guide by Annie Sloan.

Decoupage Paper by Annie Sloan Features

   ~Contains x2 Decoupage papers, 11lbs / 30gsm. 

   ~Printed on dyed tissue papers.

   ~Designed to work best with Chalk Paint® and Annie Sloan Image Medium.

   ~Measures 27.6” (70cm) x 18.9” (48cm)

® The Royal Horticultural Society. The Royal Horticultural Society, and its logo, are trade marks of The Royal Horticultural Society (Registered Charity No 222879/SC038262) and used under license from RHS Enterprises Limited.

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