Country Chic Crackle Medium - 4oz

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Add a rustic flair to your furniture with our easy-to-use Crackle Medium. The crackled finish is perfect for those that want to mimic the look of authentically aged paint, or create a unique, two-toned, textured appearance.


How to Use

Simply start by applying a base coat of Country Chic Paint to your project. Next, apply an even coat of the Crackle Medium making sure that you do not over-brush. Allow this coat to fully dry then apply your top coat of paint. Do not over-brush. As the paint begins to dry, you'll see cracks start to appear in the finish. Check out this tutorial for more information on how to use Crackle Medium.

Crackle Medium by Country Chic Features

   ~Creates an authentic-looking aged crackle effect

   ~Ultra low VOC; contains NO harsh chemical additives such as phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or solvents

   ~Easy Cleanup: Crackle Medium is water-based so it's easy to clean your paint brushes and hands by rinsing them in warm water. 

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