Country Chic, Antiquing Dust

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You will love the versatility and unique aging effects you get while using Antiquing Dust. This product is a great way to add character to an already aged piece or to easily create a worn, vintage look on any piece.


How to Use

Use a wax brush to apply clear wax to all the nooks and crannies of your piece, and then add the Antiquing Dust using a dry paint brush. Use brush soap and warm water to clean your brush after using Antiquing Dust and enjoy the results. 

Because Antiquing Dust is applied with clear wax, we don’t recommend using water-based top coats such as Clear Coat as they will not adhere properly to the oily finish. 

Antique Dust by Country Chic Features

   ~Adds unique aging and color to waxed furniture.


   ~Eco-friendly mineral base.

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