Bunyaad Kilim Pillow

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Durable, sustainable, ethical, these Bunyaad pillows are stunning in any room! Brilliant colors and quality materials make these pillows long-lasting and attractive. These pillows are handwoven with the same high-quality materials as Bunyaad rugs.

These pillows are handwoven by skilled rug-knotters in Pakistan. Each piece is dyed using all-natural dyes out of items that have been collected from the local community (turmeric, walnut shells, pomegranate skins etc.). Skilled rug-knotters hand weave wool through a cotton loom to make these unique pillows.

Like our big rugs, these pillows are super resistant to stains as the lanolin from the sheep wool coats every piece! You can view our entire selection here.

Bunyaad works with over 850 rug-knotting families throughout Pakistan. These skilled artisans have very few other sustainable outlets for their craft and artistry. With Bunyaad, artisans are paid a fair wage for their labor, allowing them the peace of mind to focus on the quality and creativity that goes into each and every rug. 

Bunyaad Pillow Features

   ~Handknotted wool with a cotton base

   ~Approximately 18" x 18"

   ~Handknotted in Pakistan

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