Boreal, Mountain Bath Soak

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Soak into the Pacific North West with ancient prairie salt ethically harvested deep beneath the Canadian prairies. These unparalleled prehistoric minerals tighten skin pores, hydrate as well as promote circulation. This relaxing blend will transport you straight into the heart of the wilderness with notes of wild sage, balsam fir & black spruce.

Ingredients: Canadian mineral crystals, abies balsamea (balsam fir oil), picea Mariana (black spruce oil), pinus sylvestrus (pine oil), rhodendendron groenlandicum (Labrador tea)*, artemia frigida & tridentata (wild sage)*, thuja plicata (cedar)*, green clay. *Wild harvested

16 oz reusable, recyclable glass jar

Usage: Add a handful or two to a hot bath and enjoy.

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